Pay Attention To Improv!

we do exercises and games to heighten our observation skills, to be right here; right now.  It's also known as “mindfullness.”

Yes And... Where's My Free Boat?

Sit right back & you'll hear a tale... Isaac Rodriguez and I were having a conversation over lunch after our most recent Improv For Business workshop. A little background information... In our workshop I teach the improv and, as a world-class business consultant, Isaac applies improv to business. This arrangement lets us each talk about our own specific areas of expertise. Over lunch Isaac was saying that one of the big objections he hears is right after I teach the concept of yes and. Sometimes a workshop participant will push back... "Wait a minute! Are you telling me that I have to say YES to whatever the customer says? Because that's nuts! Everybody wants everything for free!" Sometim

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