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This is an improvisational acting class.  I teach NYC long-form improvisational acting as opposed to short-form improv.  We focus on you the actor, using improv games and forms as a tool to help the characters connect.  This is in contrast to treating the learning of improv games and forms as as an end in itself.  

Yes, it’s funny, but it’s not jokey.


Make this your weekly improv home!  Workshops are stand-alone and on-going.  They're not part of a semester of classes. You can take one at any time, skip a week and come back. 


That being said, each week has a theme based on my book, Scotty Watson's Improv Tips.  That means if you take a single class, you won't be lost. AND if you take a bunch of classes it won't be a repeat... you'll see a progression in your development as an improvisational actor.

I provide a safe space to learn and explore. Aggressive behavior gets you muted & booted. That includes rudeness, pushy non-listening chronic bulldozing, racism, sexism, homophobia, political agendas... anything that screws up our safe-space. 


The rule is be nice and respect others.



There are WAY too many actors out of work right now for me to charge for these classes.  BUT… if you’d like to help me pay for bandwidth & software, you can send me a suggested $20 (minimum $10).  If you can't afford it, PLEASE let me know and we'll work it out.



Please apply for a space in the workshops.  I'd like to know if you have any improv experience (not necessary but it's good to know) AND I'd like to make sure you're not a ROBOT.  Yup.  That's been happening...

Please e-mail me at...


  • Put the DATE you are interested in taking a class in the SUBJECT line.

  • Tell me a bit about your improv experience OR why you'd like to take an improv class.

  • Tell me where you heard about my workshops.

Or just click on the link below any workshop and an e-mail will pop up all ready for you.

Ready?  Let's get to work!


Your safety, both physical & emotional, is the #1 priority.  


Physically - Please know your own capabilities.


Even though you are in your own home, I ask you not to push yourself past the point of physical safety.  Don’t do anything that feels physically uncomfortable.


Emotionally - Improv is acting.  A painter uses paint as their medium of expression to capture a moment on canvas. For actors, that medium of expression is emotion.  Mostly our emotional experience will include fun stuff like…

  • Joy

  • Surprise

  • Gratitude


But sometimes when we find the truth of the scene we might experience more difficult emotions like...

  • Sadness

  • Anger

  • Remorse


All acting classes or workshops ask you to work in the medium of emotions.  Sometimes it’s difficult.  Sometimes it brings up thoughts, memories and feelings from within yourself. Sometimes the emotions of others can trigger emotions in you. 


That’s an actor’s job. 


By taking these workshops you acknowledge that you are capable of accepting and processing your own emotions.  You are acknowledging that acting workshops can present emotional challenges.  You are also acknowledging that the workshop leader may guide you to authentically explore the emotion of the scene in a safe, respectful and responsible way.   You are giving informed consent that you choose to work in this medium of emotions and that you accept responsibility for your own emotional health and well being. 


  • If you are triggered and you can’t process your feelings or use them in your work, please remember that you can turn off your camera and take a break at any time.

  • Anytime you feel it necessary, you can leave the workshop, and contact the instructor for a full refund.

Right To Refuse Service

For the safety & well-being of other participants and to preserve the safe-space feel of the workshops, I reserve the right to refuse service.

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