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Improv for Business

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Why Improv?


There's been so much written about the benefits of improv for team agility, resilience, and creative thinking! 


My answer? ... Because improv is fun!


Improv is a spoonful of sugar that sweetens while it teaches us to...

  • Think more creatively

  • Be in the moment with your
    clients & collaborators

  • Solve problems with positive action

  • Create dazzling content & messaging

  • Facilitate change with words and actions

  • Listen to and appreciate the voice of your customers and partners

  • Harmonize vision and mission with real action

  • Actively listen, be seen, and also be heard

  • Connect, authentically listen and co-operate

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Online Improv Workshops

You can't travel, you can't meet and your budget has just been decimated.


Scotty's got your back!

Scotty's Improv Workshops, already enjoyed by some of America's top-ranked management companies as well as respected institutions like AMEX and FORD are now ONLINE!

Team-work, problem-solving, agility, creativity, productivity, connecting or just plain old FUN!

TRY IT FIRST.  If you like it, book Scotty for your team!

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