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Improv for Business

Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Why Improv?


There's been so much written about the benefits of improv for team agility, resilience, and creative thinking! 


My answer? ... Because improv is fun!


Improv is a spoonful of sugar that sweetens while it teaches us to...

  • Think more creatively

  • Be in the moment with your
    clients & collaborators

  • Solve problems with positive action

  • Create dazzling content & messaging

  • Facilitate change with words and actions

  • Listen to and appreciate the voice of your customers and partners

  • Harmonize vision and mission with real action

  • Actively listen, be seen, and also be heard

  • Connect, authentically listen and co-operate

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I've been working in improvisational theatre for over 40 years. I've also been a C-suite executive, (CMO), for a 125 year old financial institution started by JP Morgan & Cornelius Vanderbilt II.  I know what it feel like to sit on BOTH sides of the desk.


One of my core values, especially after working intimately with so many terrific consulting firms, is knowing how much time & effort it takes to understand YOUR business.  That's why I feel it's more valuable, as someone bringing improvisation into the workplace, for me to LISTEN, not lecture.



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