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Improv for Business Workshops

Learn the secrets of improv that successful businesses are already using to give themselves an edge over their competition.

  • Think more creatively.

  • Be in the moment with your
    clients & collaborators.

  • Solve problems with positive action.

  • Create dazzling content for your marketing.

  • How to facilitate change initiatives with words and actions.

  • How to listen to and appreciate the voice of the customer

  • Harmonize vision and mission with real action.

  • Actively listen, be seen and heard

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You can read my articles about business & improv on LinkedIn by CLICKING HERE


Improv for your business.

Workshops designed for your needs. 

Teaching marketing teams the

active, positive use of Personas.

Adding the spark of creativity to

the Lean Six Sigma Process.

Making a case for

IMPROV in Design Thinking.

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