Weekend Improvised Theatre

Performance Workshop 


A Safe & Supportive Learning Environment

1/2 day, Full day or 2 days.

Can include a performance if you so desire.


-No pre-requisites - suitable for of all levels Improvisors

-Up to 30 participants

-No min or max on auditors

-In New York City


- OR -


Scotty will come to you!

Learn and Apply the 3 Principles of Improvisational Acting

to create short plays, scenes, monologues... right on the spot! 


Inspired by the work of Elaine May with Del Close, 

Scotty's believes that all learning comes from brave experimentation,

so he creates a safe place to explore and grow,

with lots of positive encouragement for working

outside your comfort zone.


Learn what you are already doing right

and get coaching on where you can get better.    


Plus have a great time!



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