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The Mission

I am dedicated to creating a workshop space that is safe and supportive.  I am committed to protecting my students physical, mental and emotional health and will work tirelessly to provide a safe & secure place to explore & grow.  I will, at all times, support my students artistic & personal development and will encourage them to embrace brave choices… even if they lead to what some may call, “failure.”  I will praise my students in their brave-failures as well as their successes.


As part of a safe & secure workshop space, I will live up to the highest standards of personal & professional conduct.


I will not intentionally expose my students (or allow them to be exposed to) to disparagement, sarcasm or ridicule.  I will at all times protect the personal and/or confidential information of my students and colleagues. I will deal with each student with consideration and will seek to resolve problems with understanding and an open mind.


I prize process & development above all.

Scotty Watson Improv Shows A Safe Space

"Scotty offered our community a space to be vulnerable and expansive and to grow a place to learn and experience improvisation. He shared his brilliance with kindness and generosity. The weekend was everything I had hoped for and more. THANK YOU! Until next time... with appreciation and gratitude..."

– Jill Freidmutter
Ithaca Longform Improv Ithaca NY

Scotty Watson Improv Clear Instruction

Principles of Improvisation:

  • Make active and positive choices

  • Support & enjoy the physical, verbal and emotional reality of the scene.

  • It’s an actor’s job to justify the information that’s been established and use it in the scene.

  • You are an important person and you have important things to say.  Be seen. Be heard.

  • Be right here, right now.

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