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Facebook Live Producer? Be Like Nancy Reagan & Just Say NO!

If you live-stream from Zoom onto #facebook and they ask you to switch to #liveproducer and use #facebookcreatorstudio JUST SAY NO!!! It will severely limit your ability to live stream from Zoom to Facebook

If you said YES 😭 and want to stream from Zoom, this is the workaround for this annoyance.

1. Go to zoom and edit your settings to allow streaming to a custom service - just search for "stream to custom service" in the help menu

2. Go to your meeting or webinar and choose "stream to custom service" as your option rather than stream live to facebook.

3. Go to your Facebook page and search for "creator studio"

4. Once in Creator Studio go to the right of the page and click "go live." You are not live yet.

5. Choose the page you want to stream to and copy/paste the three items (api, stream key & url).

5 a) Note: That's the Creator Studio page URL, NOT your video page. It's the url of the page where you got the api & stream key.

5 b) Note: You have to do this EACH time you stream. Zoom stores the info, but Facebook rejects it unless you copy paste it in fresh each time.

6. Paste those settings into "Stream the Zoom meeting to a Custom Streaming Service" settings page. It pops up as an option when you try to stream from Zoom and fail.

7. Click GO LIVE at the bottom of the Zoom setting page. BTW... you're still not live.

8. Come back to the live producer page in Facebook and see that you have your zoom preview.

9. On the left on your Live Producer Page, add a title and description click "go live."

9 a) Note: Check your title and description twice! I’ve noticed that FB often won’t let you edit the title or description, either from your Videos page OR from Creator Studio. It says “try again later” and later never comes.

10. Believe it or not... you are finally live.


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