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The Book Of Boba Fett

I’m enjoying The Book Of Boba Fett EXCEPT I don’t like the fight choreography.

Temuera Morrison is great, but let’s admit it, he ain’t no spring chicken. Older guys with big upper body strength fight differently. They read their opponents moves, (they’ve seen it all before), they choose their shots, they wait for their opportunity and lay ‘em out with a hay maker.

The fights are kinda slow because they’re trying to get a 61 year old man to do kung fu in armor. I keep wondering why he doesn’t just step back and use his flamethrower. He even got Luke once with his magic lasso thingy and Skywalker is not to be trifled with.

I am reminded of Hellboy. I saw the fight choreographer, Ladislav Beran, being interviewed & he talked about his process. He worked with Ron Perlman to see what style of fighting came naturally. Ron loved upper body fakes & forearm smashes (he had a big stone fist after-all), and he choreographed the fights to go with Ron’s style.

Maybe Ladislav Beran is available to do the fight choreography for season 2?


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