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Pay Attention To Improv!

Watch Out!

I just did a consultation on presence and observation. One of the things I teach in improv is using observation to see the other person's reality. Since our realities come to us via our senses, each person has their own version... Their own reality, if you will.

Subjective Realities

This is easier to understand in improv, where we work together to simulate a reality on the stage. You think we're in space. I think we're bowling. Slap them together and we're bowling in space! That will make a great scene and... you know what? I'm going to go ahead and register the trademark for that before Elon Musk gets it.

Bowling... in... SpaaAAAAAAAAAce!!!!

To achieve this understanding of subjective realities, we do exercises and games to heighten our observation skills, to be right here; right now. It's also known as “mindfullness.” Try it out and you might end up with a black-belt in walking a mile in the other person's shows*

* Winner of the 2019 mixed-metaphor award!

Maybe if we embrace mindfullness and living in observation, we can all stop hard-selling at each other and start the process of consultative selling.

And THAT starts with paying attention.

This is a skill YOU can LEARN! Due to popular demand I’ve added an Improv For Business workshop to my New York schedule!

Improv For Business Workshop

w/ Isaac Rodriguez & Scotty Watson

Thursday April 18th



Molloy Studios 50 Broadway,

4th Floor

New York, NY 10004

You can register at…

Learn to...

  • Think more creatively.

  • Be in the moment with your clients & collaborators.

  • Solve problems with positive action.

  • Create dazzling content for your marketing.

  • How to facilitate change initiatives with words and actions.

  • How to listen to and appreciate the voice of the customer

  • Harmonize vision and mission with real action.

  • Actively listen, be seen and heard.

Isaac Rodriguez demonstrates the principles of improvisation as they apply to business and hands it over to the master, Scotty Watson; one of the top improvisation teachers in America. You get the benefit of having two subject matter experts showing you the fundamentals.

"Improvisation is the ability to create and implement a new or an unplanned solution in the face of an unexpected problem or change. It is often seen as a spontaneous, intuitive, creative problem-solving behavior that mostly happens 'on the fly.' Improvisation may seem to be spontaneous, but managers can foster it in innovation projects through the deliberate development of certain processes and capabilities."

- E.C. Conforto, E. Rebentisch, and D. Amaral, Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

By subway:

1, R, W to Rector Street

4, 5 to Bowling Green (Accessible Station)

J, Z to Broad Street

A, C to Fulton Street (Accessible Station)

2, 3 to Wall Street

Register at…

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